All children have a right to the basic needs of life, including the right to reside in a loving home where secure bonds are formed with family members.  However, there are times when these bonds may be tested or even broken, at this time the Department of Children and Family Services may enter your family’s lives in the belief that there is a child in the family in need of services due to being abandoned, abused or neglected or if they believe that child is at imminent risk for being placed in one of the above situations.  At this time, a Shelter Petition is filed and that begins the Dependency Process.  During these times families may be split apart based on the underlying facts.  

Here at The Law Office of Deaina M. Brown, PLLC, we represent concerned parents, family members, and caregivers during these times. No individual should be forced to weather such a tumultuous storm alone. For that reason, we are here to serve and assist individuals through a time when their family bonds may be stretched thin. At The Law Office of Deaina M. Brown, PLLC, we work to assist our clients in establishing a safe and secure home for a child removed due to being deemed in need of services. Unfortunately, Courts sometimes rule that the parents of the child are unfit, at that time we can assist our clients in making the tough decision of determining a permanent loving placement for their child, all while ensuring that their rights and desires are not overlooked.  

If your family has become involved in issues of juvenile dependency court, then please contact The Law Office of Deaina M. Brown, PLLC to schedule an appointment. 

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